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College Promotions Network - Features

Go Mobile with Ease.

For the past few years, CPN has partnered with several elite student publications. As a result we've successfully developed several solutions that create a positive impact in student media. Whether it's putting your news onto mobile platforms, or increasing digital revenues, our turnkey solutions and product expertise can help departments of all sizes.



Automatically publish your news on cross platforms, increasing readership and user experience.


Instantly attach images to your news. View pictures in your full articles and headlines.


View news updates and other videos that were created or posted by your staff.


Share interesting articles with friends through social media and email.

Push Notifications

Send important news, updates and special promotions directly to the people that installed your app.


Login to manage your app with full control. Change banners, view analytics, send push notifications and more...

Custom Colors & Design

Tell us what you're looking for, and we can build to spec. Extend your brand with a custom design or choose from our user friendly templates.

National & Regional Ad Revenues

We are actively selling national and regional clients for the applications in our network. Sign up and we'll sell for you too!


Monitor your application usage and traffic with clean, real-time reporting.

Campus Map

Include a map of your campus, making it easy to navigate for new students.


Add current weather to your application.

Banner Ads

Generate extra exposure and revenue with paid banner ads.


Local Directory

Use our local platform to sell and promote your local clientele. Empower your clients with online and mobile promotions.

Bar Specials

Boost usage with published bar specials. Clients can post automatically, users can view by map or weekday.


Connect your readers with local happenings. Businesses can post events automatically, giving your app users real-time updates.

Job board

Provide a comprehensive list of all local, available jobs for your student body.

Housing Guide

Publish local property listings, letting users search by location, price, rooms, pets, and more...


Promote local offers within your online and mobile network. Businesses can post real-time offers, keeping your readers wanting more.


Local businesses can have the option of selling products, tickets and gift certificates through your network of users.

SMS Coupons

Redeeming coupons online is now mobile friendly with our SMS tool. Online users can simply send a coupon to their phone for later redmption.

Sales Strategies

We provide proven sales strategies, training and support for student publications. Ensuring increased local, digital revenues and a high success rate.